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Contact Information:
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Phone: 480-965-2552
F686, Bateman Physical Sciences F
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-1404
I am an astronomer at the Arizona State University and an associate professor at the School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE). 
My research ranges from properties of dust and gas in the (relatively nearby) interstellar medium to some of the farthest known galaxies. 
You can find a (somewhat) complete bibliography of my research.

Last few years I have mostly worked on finding and characterizing galaxies  back in the days when the universe was very young (less than 10% of its present age). We hope to characterize these galaxies and understand the galaxy and star-formation, rather than just collect these “pretty butterflies”.
The specific projects I have worked on this topic are 
(1) LALA (Large Area Lyman Alpha) survey : a project to find high redshift Lyman-alpha galaxies; 
(2) GRAPES and (3) PEARS, which used the grism on ACS on the Hubble Space Telescope. The GRAPES project did the deepest spectroscopy ever on the Hubble Ultra Deep Field. A popular article on the GRAPES project for the Astronomy magazine is linked here.
I am also involved with building ground based instrumentation IWI on the LBT; and a Joint Dark Energy Space Mission DESTINY.
Formal Teaching: I have taught graduate courses AST 531 (Structure and Dynamics of galaxies) and AST 532 (Extragalactic astronomy) at ASU. Upcoming courses: AST 112: an introductory astronomy course for undergraduates.
Recent Postdocs and Students:
Junxian Wang: assistant professor, USTC, China
Norbert Pirzkal: Staff scientist, Space Telescope Science Institute
Katarina Kovac: postdoc, ETH, Zurich
Current postdocs:
Seth Cohen, Norman Grogin
Current students collaborators
Nimish Hathi
V. Tilvi
Russell Ryan
Amber Straughn
Steve Finkelstein
Angel Fuentes